WØC Firsts

A list with all the FIRSTS in Colorado:

1st actvated summitMay 1st, 2010 WØC/FR-Ø63 (Mt. Herman) was activated by Steve/wGØAT
1st Shack SlothApril 8th, 2012Daniel/WB9WHQ reached 1000 Chaser points
1st Super Shack SlothSeptember 7th, 2014Gary/WØMNA reached 10,000 Chaser points
1st Mountain GoatMay 27th, 2014Matt/KØMOS reached 1000 Activator points by climbing his 161st SOTA summit
1st Double Mountain GoatAugust 1st, 2016Carey/KXØR reached 2000 Activator points
1st female Mountain GoatMarch 4th, 2017Lynn/KCØYQF became the first female MG not only in WØC but all of North America
1st double MG householdMarch 4th, 2017By reaching MG status, Lynn/KCØYQF joined her husband and partner in crime Frank/KØJQZ, creating the first double goat household in NA.
1st Triple Mountain GoatJuly 23rd, 2017Carey/KXØR reached 3000 Activator points

Make sure to check out the complete history of the Colorado Association.

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