Why is summit ‘xyz’ not on the list?

Prominence_correctedA summit has to meet a certain minimum qualification to qualify for SOTA. SOTA qualified summits follow a vertical separation concept (150 m or 492 ft. prominence for most Assoc.). The minimum prominence must therefor be >= 150 m (492 ft) from surrounding peaks. You can see an example on your left (click on it to magnify). If you think you found a summit which qualifies to be added to the WØC ARM, send an e-mail to the WØC Association Manager (click on CONTACTS above) with the following information:

1. Name of summit (If none available note approximate distance and direction from a named location).
2. The Latitude and Longitude of summit expressed in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds.
3. The altitude of the summit in meters (or feet) above sea level.

The Association Manager will check whether the summit meets the qualification criteria and, if it does, will issue a reference number for the summit. The decision of the Association Manager is final regarding the interpretation of the criteria and the inclusion or exclusion of a summit. Summits that are activated before a reference number is issued cannot be claimed for SOTA awards.

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