The Chase


Realtime Web tools make finding SOTA Activators Easy


Ready to get your feet wet? Let’s try to get some chaser points right now. Depending on your equipment, your geographical location, and the time of day, you might be able to catch an Activator within the next few minutes.


Here is how it works:

ALERTS & SPOTS – There is a centralized database where all SOTA alerts and SOTA spots are reported. This database can be queried by any internet-capable device with a web browser.

    • An alert is typically created by an Activator several hours – or even days – in advance to inform all chasers about the upcoming activation.
    • A spot is generated by a Chaser who finds an Activator. A spot includes the CALLSIGN, FREQUENCY, and SUMMIT. All this information makes it easy to plan your chasing activity. Here is how it works:

Go to the SOTAWATCH website. Clicking the link will take you there.

    • The top section of the page is showing you the LATEST SPOTS  (time is in UTC). If you can see a recent spot, tune in to the posted frequency/mode.
    • If nobody was recently spotted, check the lower part of the web page, UPCOMING ACTIVATIONS, and see if there is an activation alert posted for the near future, and come back at the time posted in the alert.
    • If you can copy the Activator (normally they call CQ SOTA or similar), make contact, and log your contact (QSO) as you normally would.

Congratulations, that’s it. Now report your SOTA contact to claim your point(s). You can also “spot” the station you just worked on the same SOTAwatch website. The only thing you need is the CALLSIGN, SUMMIT reference, and the BAND you just used. Follow this link to report your contact in the SOTA database.


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