WØC SOTA Association

WØC SOTA Association

Summits On The Air (SOTA) is all about getting out and hiking to a summit with your radio and having fun! You need not wait for a contest to roll around; you can create you own today! Experience what it’s like to be DX!

Information and tools used by SOTA activators and SOTA chasers are provided here. If you are new to SOTA or just trying to find out about SOTA, read more ABOUT SOTA and how to GET INVOLVED. This information will help you decide whether SOTA is an activity you would enjoy, either as an ACTIVATOR or as a CHASER.

Should you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact someone on the WØC-SOTA Management Team via the CONTACT tab in the navigation bar (at the top).

Matt/KØMOS on Galinakopf (OE/VB-287)Thanks for your interest in SOTA.
Come and join us for some fun!

73, Matt/KØMOS
WØC-SOTA Association Manager and Team
We hope to talk to you from a summit soon.

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